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Persbericht van TAB mbt de nieuwe campers in de USA

Geinteresseerd in een handzaam formaat camper in Amerika? vraag TotallyCampers om een vrijblijvende offerte!  klik hier.  Onderstaand meer info hieromtrent.

Campervan Company Discovers Untapped Gold in California & Nevada

You would be forgiven for thinking that there’s nothing new under the sun when it comes to the US Campervan and RV market, but a small Aussie Campervan company believes they’ve struck gold hiding right under our collective noses.

The RV market in the US is huge, really huge, in fact everything about it is HUGE, and that’s exactly where Sydney based Campervan Company TAB believes it has found its niche. They are not huge, TAB builds and rents campervans, they don’t like to call their vehicles RVs or Motorhomes, they are adamant about that. RVs and Motorhomes instantly bring to mind massive vehicles, admittedly with all the creature comforts, such as slide-outs, toilets and showers, but these condominiums on wheels also come with parking and manoeuvring issues, complexity and large gas bills.

The organisation has been renting campervans in Australia and New Zealand for over 25 years and they know what their customers want. They want freedom, flexibility, simplicity, good gas mileage. In other words, their customers want all those things embodied in the currently uber-hip #VANLIFE movement.

the current customer base is International visitors to the U.S. They have a ready-made distribution channel and network, a long tail internet presence, and before they have even put their first van on the road they are booked out 3 months in advance.

What TAB calls the KuGA Campervan is the basis of their success. Yes, it’s small, but importantly it’s not too small. As Peter Burke the founder says “If you can’t stand up inside your campervan in the morning to put your undies on then is it even a campervan… or is it just a van with a bed in it?”

And here’s they have struck gold! There’s basically no one doing it on any kind of proper scale in the US. A small simple campervan that has everything you need, nothing more, where you can actually stand up inside, cook INSIDE, park virtually anywhere.

The first of 100 Campervans will be put on the road on Feb 4 in LA, closely followed by San Francisco and Las Vegas. Inside 3 years they plan to have 300 of the very cool, California inspired campervans on the road. I could quote recent news articles also describing the trend towards smaller RVs, but I don’t need any further convincing. I’m sold!

Geinteresseerd in een handzaam formaat camper in Amerika? vraag TotallyCampers om een vrijblijvende offerte! klik hier.


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