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Toll Roads in Australia: your responsibility

There are Toll Roads and tunnels in Australia in and around the cities of Brisbane, Sydney and Melbourne.   There is no opportunity to pay toll manually or by card whilst on the toll roads as there are no toll booths.  Ample warning is given that you are approaching a toll road (usually the signs are blue)  and there are phone numbers displayed for you to call for paying your toll by card.   You then have 3 days to pay and it is the user’s responsibility to pay in time.  All you must do within 3 days is call the number displayed on the signs, mention the approximate time and day when you traveled on the toll road, the registration number and type of rental vehicle, and pay by card.  Should you fail to do so,  an infringement notice will be sent to the rental company and you are to pay this fine plus the associated costs.  A rental company is legally obliged to take this payment out of your card, even after the vehicle has been returned.  To avoid this, paying your tolls in time really pays off!

PLEASE NOTE:   APOLLO / CHEAPA / HIPPIE / STAR RV have their own Toll payment system (click) for the Australian Toll Roads.  Please read this carefully to ensure you are informed well prior to hitting the road in your rental vehicle!  At pickup of your vehicle from one of these brands, you will be informed of the latest procedures involving toll road payments.

Since 2016, there is also a Toll pass for sale through the Sydney toll organisation that covers ALL tolroads in Australia, so also the ones in Melbourne and Brisbane.
This is the Visitor’s E-pass  (click on link for details and to order one).  So if you travel in a vehicle other than the above mentioned Apollo brands, the best and easiest option is to get a Visitor’s E-pass.
Phone number Citylink in Melbourne and surrounds:  132629

Information on toll roads in and around Sydney can be found on the Sydney Motorways website:  www.sydneymotorways.com

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