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The different camper types

One of the most difficult decisions to make is to choose which type of camper you will be renting for your journey. This generally depends on the number of people you travel with, the required luxury and the associated budget that you can or want to spend on a rental camper. To give you an idea of the different camper models, a list of all types of vehicles that are for rent at TotallyCampers. Please note that the offer may differ per country and / or city.


The most luxurious version within the range is a motorhome. They often are equipped with all comforts, a private toilet and sometimes even a shower. A relatively spacious kitchen and plentiful space inside. Most motorhomes offer sleeping accommodations for four to six people. This does not mean that a motorhome is not interesting for just two people. A motorhome often has one fixed bed, and a bed that can be made via the seating area. A four-person camper is therefore ideal for a trip for two. Especially when you want extra space and luxury.

The benefits of a Motorhome

  • Equipped with luxury and fixed bed
  • Self-sufficient (freedom campgrounds possible)
  • Private toilet and possibly shower
  • Lots of storage space
  • Equipped with a spacious kitchen

The disadvantages of a Motorhome

  • Heavier vehicle, uses more fuel
  • Not allowed to drive off road
  • Large vehicle, different road handling, lower top speed
  • Not ideal for driving small roads


A campervan is a smaller version of a motorhome. Most campervans are still equipped with luxury such as a shower and / or toilet. Campervans are generally suitable for two to four people. The name says it all, it is a camper built in a van. This often gives less living space inside compared to a motorhome. But this improves the driving behavior. A camper bus is often lighter and therefore has more power in the mountains. The top speed is higher. As a campervan usually has the same facilities as a motorhome, this is an ideal camper for two people.

The benefits of a Campervan

  • Equipped with luxury
  • Self-sufficient (freedom campgrounds possible)
  • Ideal for two people
  • Agile and runs smoothly

The disadvantages of a Campervan

  • Not allowed to drive off road
  • Less inside living space compared to motorhome
  • Making the bed each night

Budget camper

The cheapest option to travel around with your own hotel room is with a budget camper. However, these vans are only available in Australia and New Zealand. The budget camper is furnished in a basic way, usually without a toilet and a shower. It does, however, offer the possibility of cooking by means of a small gas stove and is equipped with handy camping equipment. In general, they are small vans or large estate cars that are built in with a couch that can be converted into a bed. It is the ultimate backpack feeling, as the budget motorhomes take you to epic places! Just without the luxury.

The benefits of a Budget camper

  • The Cheapest option
  • Agile and runs smoothly
  • Perfect model for camping enthusiasts
  • Compact vehicle

The disadvantages of a Budget camper

  • Less luxury
  • Not self-sufficient (no freedom campgrounds possible)
  • Not allowed to drive off road
  • Little storage space

4WD camper

The above motorhome options have a common disadvantage in all countries; they are not allowed to drive on unpaved roads. And these roads get you to the most beautiful places in the middle of nature, where mass tourism does not come. 4WD campers are built to enjoy these places. To leave the beaten track behind you and to enjoy the gravel roads that lead to amazing beauty that Mother Nature has to offer. 4WD campervans come in different versions, from camper units on pick-up trucks to converted 4WDs. The facilities are a bit more back to basic. A 4WD camper is for the real adventurers. On our separate 4WD motorhomes website we elaborate on all 4WD possibilities.

The benefits of a 4WD camper

  • Gravel roads and tracks allowed
  • Perfect vehicle for adventurers
  • Really get into nature

The disadvantages of a 4WD camper

  • Less luxury
  • Less indoor living space
  • Higher fuel consumption

4WD car (with rooftop tent)

For those who really want to immerse themselves in nature, the 4WD cars with rooftop tent or camper trailer are ideal. The car is fully equipped to go into the bush. With a water tank, fridge and all the camping supplies you need for life on the road. It is certainly basic camping, but the options it offers are endless. Regardless of your experience of off-road driving. Your personal travel advisor is happy to advise you about the options and interesting 4WD tracks or complete routes. Contact us directly or look further at Totally4WDCampers.com.

The benefits of a 4WD car (with rooftop tent)

  • Gravel roads and tracks allowed
  • For camping and nature lovers
  • Perfect on small roads

The disadvantages of a 4WD car (with rooftop tent)

  • Less luxury
  • Higher fuel consumption
  • No toilet

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