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Bush fires in Australia

The recent Bush fires in the South East of Australia have been in the news all over the world.  Bush fires have always been an integral part of the Australian Eco-system and Australians have come to terms with the fact that they are inevitable part of life here.  However, every so many years there are fires that are bigger and more damaging than usual.
The last time this happened was 11 years ago, in February 2009.  This year, 2020, the bush fire season was bigger, unprecedented even.
Based on the enormous amount of scientific evidence we have no doubt that the rapidly changing climate has played an important part in the ferociousness of the recent fires and the amount of damage and misery that they caused for the affected locals.
For tourists who have planned or are in the process of planning a trip to Australia, the fires will not have such a big impact as many news outlets in other parts of the world would have made people believe.   Sensationalism has unfortunately played a role in the way the fires were portrayed in the media overseas.  Many fires were in very remote areas where tourists usually not go, and although an area roughly the size of The Netherlands has burned, which is horrible for all people directly and indirectly affected, there is still an area of 255 times the size of the Netherlands (just to give an example) left for tourists to discover!   That is how enormously big Australia is!
Most tourists will not even notice anything when visiting, however, we would strongly encourage any visitors who get a chance to visit one or some of the fire-affected areas, to do so.   You will be made welcome by the locals in those areas and by going there you will support the local economy and help them to get back onto their feet again!
So please continue visiting our beautiful country, you won’t be disappointed…


with kind regards,
the TotallyCampers team in Australia