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Minimum age

With most of our vehicles it is 21 years of age (there is no maximum age as long as you have a valid unrestricted drivers licence).
Some of the budget vehicles can be rented from 18 years and over but it usually means that the insurance excess and bond is slightly higher. Hence we always ask you for your age when you are filling out our quotation form. With that information we can send you the relevant quotation with the correct insurance information!

Charging your own devices – power adaptors

If you bring your own equipment with you from overseas, it is advised to bring a adaptor plug with you for the country you visit.   You can purchase these at any outdoorshop and most electrical appliances stores.  TIP: A more practical solution is to buy a powerboard in your home country, cut of the plug (not the cord, just the plug!) and strip the wire ends. Once at your destination, just buy a single plug at the local supermarket or hardware store and attach this to your powerboard: and Presto! Your own power adaptor that fits in at least 4 appliances and chargers in one go! All you need to bring is a small screwdriver, or a multitool.   Every campervan nowadays has an AC powerpoint which works once the vehicle is plugged into an external AC powerpoint at a campground.   You can then charge your equipment inside the vehicle.  Whilst driving you can also do so with your standard 12V adaptors as all vehicles have a standard 12V ‘cigarette-lighter’ socket in the dashboard.

International drivers licence – truck licence

International Licence:  the regulations change often but currently it is compulsory in Australia as well as in New Zealand.  The rental company as well as the police may ask you for it. For the US, Canada and South Africa an int. Licence is also required.
Most campervans and motorhomes, even the 6 berths, are OK to drive with your normal car licence, no truck licence is needed. Should you have an automatic licence only, you cannot drive a manual, just like at home!

What is supplied with my camper rental?

Most camper(van) rentals come with bedding, towels, kitchen equipment etc.   A few (budget) brands include those items only if the customer takes out the ‘all inclusive’ insurance package.  We will inform you if this is the case.

Ferry crossings

Totally Campers is a licensed booking agent for the ferry services between the Australian mainland and Tasmania, Kangaroo Island and the Interislander and Bluebridge services between both New Zealand islands.  Please click the “ferry crossings” button on our main website menu for more info. Most Campervans, 4wd\’s and Motorhomes are allowed on these ferries, some exceptions apply.  Please ask us for more details.  Ferry crossings must be paid at the time of booking, campervan and motorhome rentals not.


We would not encourage you to bring suitcases on your camper or 4wd holiday as these are really awkward items to stow away in a camper vehicle.  Foldable suitcases are better, but you will be better off packing soft bags or the so called travel bags, equipped with coasters and a retractable carry handle as they are easier to store in a vehicle.

Child restraints

Many campervans, 4wd’s and motorhomes can be fitted with child restraints. A child seat is compulsory for children up to 3 years of age. A Booster seat is compulsory for children between 4 and 6 years of age. Exceptions to these rules are always possible in case a child is light or heavy for his or her age, or tall/short. Using your own child restraint is not legal in most countries, unless you live in the country you travel in.

Climate, Wet season, Distances

We would discourage to travel in the Northern part of Australia, between the months of December and March. This is the Wet Season with severe cyclones and torrential rains, resulting in flooded highways and extreme high humidity.
Being in the tropics in the wet season is definitely not recommendable, especially not for kids as the hot and humid conditions are a recipe for many sleepless nights. E
It is definitely not all doom and gloom in the wet season up north: there are definitely pockets with beautiful weather and sunny days, but there is still the high humidity which makes you feel like having a shower every 5 minutes. Flooded highways and inundated campgrounds in ‘the Wet’ will definitively throw a spanner in the works if you have a fairly tight travel itinerary. So unless you have unlimited time for your trip, we recommend to stay away from the Northern half of Australia until at least early April.
The south of Australia is a much better place to be that time of the year. The summer is in full swing and there is lots to see and do! Please let us advise you on the best parts of Australia, USA, Canada, Southern Africa and New Zealand to travel to in the time you can go.
It is wise to put together a flexible itinerary and allow ample time for your trip. A maximum average of between 200-250 kms per day is very reasonable. There will be many days where you can do less than that, or none at all when you wish to stay a bit longer at a spot you like!

Roadside Assistance

All rental vehicles have 24/7 Roadside assistance service included. When you collect the vehicle you will be given a number to call (usually a freecall number) for a roadside assistance call out. It hardly ever happens though, as we only work with respectable rental companies who have well-maintained rental vehicles. But in the unlikely event that you do need it, you can rest assured that you will get help! Most rental companies will give you a (free call) number to call first if needed.
In case you get stuck in a remote area, common sense prevails: You know how long it took you to get there, so the help that is underway, will take an equal amount of time to get to you. Wherever possible, our staff is happy to assist travellers in Australia and New Zealand with advise and other help as well as our head office is in the same timezone.

Insurance excess-liability and security bond

If you take out the insurance option with the standard (highest) excess/liability/ (Selbstbehalt in German), the total rental fee will be less, but you will have to leave a credit card bond for that amount as well. You are also liable for this entire amount if something occurs. That is a very personal matter and no single answer applies here. It depends on your budget and the amount of risk you wish to take.
If you wish to reduce your liability we would suggest the ALL INCLUSIVE option, as the options inbetween, with partly reduced excess, usually relatively cost a lot. On top of what you have already paid on premium, you are still liable for a considerable amount (for instance $2500). If you choose the ALL INCLUSIVE option, there is no bond to pay (usually just a card authorisation of $250, depending on the rental company) and your liability is NIL (some exceptions apply: for instance single vehicle accidents and drink driving etc).
You also receive many items that normally must be paid for, free of charge, like table and chairs, child seats, extra driver fees, gas refill, one way fees, all taxes etc. The ALL INCLUSIVE packages are a bit more expensive, but the benefits are clear.
But then again: it is a very personal choice, we can only advise you but the choice is yours!

Flex rates

The daily rental rates in Australia and New Zealand are calculated with the flex-rate mechanism, based on supply and demand. The closer towards the first day of rental, the higher the rate will be (less vehicles will be available, hence the rate for the remaining vehicles increases). The flex rates are changed upwards every weekend by the rental companies. So the rate you have been quoted is always at its lowest level at that time. It can only increase further. Once you have booked the then valid flex rate, it can never increase further as it will be locked in at that level. The earlier you book your vehicle, the less you pay. Some suppliers in the USA have a similar system, in Canada the quotes are valid for 5 days, and in Southern Africa the rates are set and not based on the flex mechanism.

Credit cards

The use of a Credit Card is one of the safest payment options.  The card issuers guarantee a reimbursement if any unauthorised transaction appears on your statement which you dispute.  That makes using a creditcard one of the safest methods of payment, as long as you do not lose your card or your PIN.  Note that in countries like the USA, Australia and New Zealand, the use of cards is very common and they are being used for virtually everything:  from refuelling at a service stations to paying your shopping at supermarkets:  it is an easy and widely accepted way of paying and it sure beats having lots of cash money with you on holidays!  For cash, use your normal bank (EftPos) card with PIN to withdraw money from an ATM (Automated Teller Machine) and not your credit card, as that would be very expensive.  Most refundable bonds for camper rentals must be paid by credit card as the rental company can easily refund this back onto the card after the rental.   Payments by credit card incur some charges in most countries, we can tell you exactly how much and where.


Depending on the rental company where your vehicle comes from, transfers from your hotel or airport to the depot could be included.  Please ask our friendly staff whether or not this applies to the vehicle of your choice.

Vehicle categorisation on this website

For your convenience, we have put the vehicles on this website in different categories. Some rental companies have such a large fleet that their vehicles can sometimes be in either one or another category, so there can always be some sort of grey area. This overview however, is meant as a guideline only.

RECENT: Vehicles are between new and 3 years old. They are regularly being replaced, are well maintained and presented. After 3 years of service they are moved down the ranks into the economy category.

ECONOMY: Vehicles in this category offer good value for money as the rental price is lower and the insurance liability is less than vehicles in the recent category. Most models in this category show clear signs of usage and are usually between 3 and 6 years old.

BUDGET: These vehicles are older and show more signs of usage by your fellow travellers, to both the interior as well as exterior. However, because of the much lower rental price and lower insurance liability, they usually offer very good value for money as long as you are not too concerned about presentation.

The 4WD and Passenger Car categories are separate from above classification.

Rental depot locations

Most vehicle pickup and return depots are usually close to the airports.  However, with the increasing real estate prices at these premium locations, the trend is that more and more of the mainly larger rental companies move out further away from the airports.   Our Totally Campers staff can tell you where the depots for the vehicle(s) of your choice are located.

Advantages of booking your vehicle with Totally Campers

- Solid know-how, experienced staff!
– We always communicate in a clear and open manner by email or phone, no unnecessary fuss!
– Our Head Office is based “Down Under” and we are an accredited “Australia-Specialist”.
– Always the lowest rates, guaranteed by the direct daily personal contact between our head office staff and the rental companies.
– Our directors and driven staff members have personal experience with the many different types of vehicle, so we know what we talk about!
– We do think “with you”, and advise in a very honest and useful way when it comes to planning your holiday (i.e. distances, itinerary and weather)
– We give honest advice regarding the vehicles that would suit your purpose and needs, and not just the most expensive options!
– We visit the many vehicle depots regularly to test drive the vehicles, and keep our knowledge up to date.
– Most of our staff have travelled extensively with (small) children and are happy to share their experiences with you!
– Our replies to you are quick and to the point, and our approach is very personable which makes us easy to deal with!
– Our motto (or at least one of them) is: The only silly question is the one you do not ask! However, chances are that we have already answered most of your questions before you even had the chance to ask them!
– Throughout the enquiry and booking process you deal with one, assigned (and dedicated!) Totally Campers consultant.

One of our specialties is offering sound advice to those people wishing to travel by 4×4 through the Australian Outback and Africa. 4×4’s and 4×4 campers can be booked through this website as well, both in Australia, Canada and also in Africa.
A very warm welcome to the very large group of happy Totally Campers customers…

Please feel free to browse our client feedback page (click on the REFERENCES link on our homepage) and read why so many people have booked and will book again with Totally Campers!

General questions

Please feel free to ask us any questions you may still have after reading through above FAQ list!   The easiest way to do this is through the Contact form (see contact-button in the main website menu).  Our staff will reply via email, usually the same or the next day depending on where you are in the world.