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Tips and information about Canada

A camper trip through Canada requires necessary preparation. The country is just under four million square miles, a thorough planning is therefore desirable. Which part of the country do you want to explore? The thousands of lakes in Southern Ontario, the vast prairies in central Canada, the Rocky Mountains in the West or the arctic landscapes in the North? In addition to the diverse range of natural beauty, Canada has more highlights to offer. The different (large) cities are unique and the friendly inhabitants will give you a warm welcome. Putting everything in one round trip is usually not possible. Therefore, together with these tips and information, determine which part of Canada you want to see. We will help you find the ideal rental camper, so you can make the most beautiful camper trip through Canada.

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Discover Canada with a rental motorhome

It is precisely because Canada is such a vast country that a motorhome is the ideal means of transport to discover this unique part of the world. The freedom that traveling with a campervan gives you is exceptional. When renting a campervan you basically rent a mobile hotel room. So you always have everything at hand, from a tasty lunch from your own kitchen along the road to being able to sleep where it suits you. In short, it provides unprecedented flexibility that you will not experience in any other way. If it is beautiful somewhere, you simply stay longer. Is the weather bad? Then you keep driving until the sun shines again. You are bound by nothing, well virtually nothing. The date for picking up and returning the camper are the only things that are not flexible.

The benefits of renting a campervan in Canada

Tips motorhome hire CanadaAre you still not completely convinced about renting a campervan in Canada? A number of advantages of traveling by camper;

  • Determine your own route and overnight stays
  • Always bringing your hotel room
  • Cook your own meals
  • Stay in the middle of nature
  • Travel at your own pace
  • Perfect for traveling with children
  • Select your desired comfort in a vehicle

Have we convinced you yet? Not every camper model is the same, there is a lot to choose. That is why we are happy to help you find the perfect vehicle for your trip. The benefits of TotallyCampers are;

  • The best rates, always
  • No booking fees
  • Personal service
  • Thorough knowledge through own experience
  • Rent personally tested campervans or motorhomes
  • Exclusive offer from reputable rental companies

Practical information before your adventure begins

Although this practical information is purely the basis, and we strongly advise you to put more preparation into your camper trip, we think it is important to highlight a few points. With this we hope to prevent surprises at the airport or during your trip.

Visa and international driving license for Canada

Most nationalities need a visa for Canada. Check your requirements before booking as it could affect your travel plans. A few nationalities, if visiting less than six months (and you are not going to work for a Canadian employer in Canada), only need to request an eTA (electronic Travel Authorization). This costs around $7, – and is valid for five years. It is advised to request your eTA before you book the airline ticket.

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The first step that is taken into consideration when renting a motorhome or campervan in Canada is of course the driver’s license. And specifically, your age. The minimum age to rent a motorhome depends on the rental company, but is usually between 21 and 25 years old. In some cases, the international driver’s license is required.

Driving a motorhome in Canada

The traffic rules are generally comparable to those in Europe. Driving on the right-hand side. Unfortunately there are a lot of traffic rules in Canada. Which may differ at provincial and territorial level, so make sure you know the specific rules for the province(s) you are going to visit. Some general rules that we would like to inform you about;

  • Driving on the right-hand side
  • Seat belts are mandatory
  • Children weighing less than 18 kg must be placed in a child seat
  • Always drive with your lights on
  • Turning to the right at a red traffic light is allowed, except for some parts of Quebec, throughout the country after having stopped
  • Speed ​​on car routes is usually 100 km/h (ca. 62 miles per hour mph)
  • Drivers must always have an insurance certificate with them

Rules that can differ per province include the traffic lights. Blinking green does not always mean the same for instance. Therefore, again, view the rules that apply to the province(s) in which you will be traveling. Useful websites for even more tips are those of the Safety Council and Scenic drives. On the last website you will also find an overview of the most beautiful routes through Canada.

(Wild) camping in Canada

Technically, wild camping is not permitted in Canada. Luckily there are enough places available that feel like you are camping in the wild. You can find free overnight places across Canada. They have even given it a term: Boondocking or Dry Camping. There are several options for finding these places, via boondockerswelcome.com and boondockingguide.com for example. But also pay attention to the signs; sometimes you will come across them naturally. Keep an eye on the “No overnight parking” signs, staying the night here can get costly.
Nature reserves and parks can have their own (often stricter) regulations with regard to camping. Sometimes there are campgrounds from Parks Canada nearby, which are often very worthwhile. Of course you will also find commercial campsites and places specifically for motorhomes in Canada.

The distances

Since Canada is almost four million square miles, this also has an effect on the distances you will cover. Do you have a few cities or areas in mind? Check them in the route planner of Google maps to get an impression of the amount of miles and the travel time. A few examples of the distances between some cities of Canada. You travel just under 3100 miles (ca. 4,989 km) from coast to coast with an estimated driving time of 50 hours. If you only travel with adults, and do not mind hurrying, this can be done within three to five days. If you travel at a slightly more pleasant pace (seven hours of driving per day and stopping at some places of interest) than it will take approximately seven days. With children (five hours of driving a day and stopping at highlights) more than ten days. Allow extra time for stopovers in cities such as Ottawa and Winnipeg, or for recovery after a night out.

But even cities that look close together on the map, are actually quite far apart. Vancouver and Calgary appear to be close by on the west coast, but with more than 620 miles (ca. 998 km) between these cities it is still quite a drive. On the east coast, Montreal and Quebec seem to be separated by a straight road. They are, but this road is 155 miles (ca. 249 km) long. On to Toronto adds to another 400 miles (ca. 644 km).

Do you want advice about your future Canada motorhome trip? Then contact our travel experts. In addition to booking a suitable motorhome or campervan for you, we happily provide you tailor made information on Canada. Your journey is our passion!

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