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Tips and information about Australia

Australia is huge in every way. No matter the way you discover the country, with a motorhome, off-road with a 4WD or even with domestic flights, it remains huge: 8 million km2! But it is not only huge in area, but also what range of sights and activities, it is hard to make choices around here. There is a great diversity of flora and fauna. The typical Australian marsupials are a great example, of which the Kangaroo is the best known. But Australia is also a unique destination for other wildlife. With brightly coloured birds in the rain forests or the wild emu herds in Queensland and the Northern Territory. Not to mention what you can find in the Australian underwater world. So think in advance what you absolutely want to see or experience in Australia, so you already know whether this is realistic or not and you can take this into account in your request for quotation. Your personal travel advisor is of course happy to help you prepare your route, so you can see as much of Australia as possible.

In whatever way you want to discover the Australian outback, deserts, tropical rain forests, idyllic palm beaches, winter sports areas or bustling cities such as Melbourne, Sydney and Perth. TotallyCampers is ready to help you find the ideal rental camper, motorhome, (4WD) car or motorcycle. We even go one step further and would be happy to help you further define your journey. Together we will make a trip to Australia to remember!

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Australia compared to Europe

Australia (7,686.849 square kilometres) compared to Europe (226 x Holland, 22 x Germany, 59 xUK, 14 x France, 186 x Switzerland)

Discovering Australia by rental campervan

Perhaps the most comfortable way to discover Australia is with a rented campervan. Not only do you always have a place to sleep, and are you taking your hotel room with you wherever you go. You can also travel flexible. If you are on a spot which is too good to leave (and believe us, those spots are coming) you can just stand stay for another day. Is it raining, or is the weather forecast not favourable? You are packed quickly and easily adjust your route to better weather. The only thing you have to take into account is to register any ferry crossings in advance. Australia has many wonderful camping options, from ultimate luxury campsites to free basic campgrounds. This means that you are regularly surrounded by nature, at the start of hiking trails or in the vicinity of outdoor activities. You choose where and when you spend the night. That is the freedom of traveling by campervan through Australia.

The benefits of renting a campervan in Australia

Are you still not completely convinced about renting a campervan in Australia? A number of advantages of traveling by camper;

  • Determine your own route and overnight stays
  • Always bringing your hotel room
  • Cook your own meals
  • Stay in the middle of nature
  • Travel at your own pace
  • Perfect for traveling with children
  • Select your desired comfort in a vehicle

Have we convinced you yet? Not every camper model is the same, there is a lot to choose. That is why we are happy to help you find the perfect vehicle for your trip. The benefits of TotallyCampers are;

  • The best rates, always
  • No booking fees
  • Personal service
  • Thorough knowledge through own experience
  • Rent personally tested campervans or motorhomes
  • Exclusive offer from reputable rental companies

Practical information before the adventure begins

Before you board the plane, at least read through this information so that you are sure that you will not be faced with any surprises even before your journey has begun. Or that your journey gets an unfavorable spin due to unawareness. These are the basics, feel free to view our other information to get on the road as well-prepared as possible.

Visa for Australia motorhome trip

Everyone who travels to Australia needs a visa. In most cases the visa is free of charge. For example, with the eVisitor visa you can travel for three consecutive months in Australia. You can easily request this yourself online. Via the Department of Home Affairs of the Australian government.

If you want to travel continuously through Australia for more than three months, you must apply for visitor visa subclass 600. This is also possible if you are already in Australia.

Toll roads run in Australia

Although it sounds crazy, chances are that you will come across a toll road in Australia. There is often a good toll road network in and around the major Australian cities. Toll roads are ideal for getting around or through a huge city like Sydney, Melbourne or Brisbane, and very easy to use. There are no toll booths, so payment cannot be made on the spot. You must pay the toll within three days after using the road or tunnel by telephone and credit card. A simple system but this requires action on your part to prevent fines. Read more about toll roads in Australia here.

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(Wild) camping in Australia

Almost inevitable with renting a campervan in Australia is going camping. You have the freedom to decide for yourself which requirements your overnight stay must meet. For example, opt for commercial campgrounds or holiday parks which are usually equipped with all desirable facilities. Prices range between AUD 20 and AUD 40 per location.

If the luxurious facilities matter less, and you like to be in nature more, the National Park campsites are ideal. The prices and regulations vary from state to state, so pay attention to this, but on average prices range between AUD 10 to AUD 20 per location.

Wild camping is not permitted everywhere. With an app like WikiCamps, however, it is possible to find free camping spots. The facilities are minimal but the views are sometimes breath taking. Pay attention when on a spot that it is actually an official campground. An app like WikiCamps for example does not do this.

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The distances in Australia

The huge surface area of ​​Australia is again not unimportant to be aware of. The table below provides an insight into the number of kilometres between some Australian highlights. There is a good chance that you will travel a reasonable distance. Make sure to be aware of state crossings and the possible different traffic rules that apply therein. This government website tells you everything about it.

Distance Chart Australia

Distance chart Australia