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Toll roads in Australia

It may sound strange, but even in a large country like Australia,  the chance of coming across a toll road is rather big.   In and around the major cities Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane there are toll roads that are more or less inevitable.   They save the user enormous amounts of time and in our view they are definitely worth using.
There are no toll booths and it is therefore not possible to pay on the spot.   The toll must be paid within 3 days after using the road (your vehicle registration number will be registered), by phone, using your creditcard.
It is a simpel system, but it does require some action on your behalf to avoid being fined.
Some of the rental companies that the vehicles on this site come from have their own Toll road payment system, such as Apollo,  and some other companies have the toll already included in the rental fee. Check with us whether your rental camper comes from a rental company that requires you to take action yourself or where everything has been taken care of.

Electronic Toll payments in Australia – DIY

In Australia there is no such Toll system as in some European countries.  The toll roads and tunnels in Australia are more sophisticated and fully automated.   There is no option to stop and pay, it is all done electronically.   Look out for the blue signs:  Toll road around the cities of Brisbane, Sydney and Melbourne.   On the blue signs it shows a phone number to call if you are driving a rental vehicle that has not got something organised as part of the rental already.

You then have 3 days time to pay by phone.  Payment is your responsibility and eventually a fine will land on your door mat.  Usually through the owner of the vehicle:  the rental company.   This is always in excess of $100 so it is worth organising this in time!

Automatic toll payments in Australia

Since toll roads were introduced in the early 2000’s there are also alternative payment methods.   This means that there is no need to contact the toll company within 3 days of using the toll roads or tunnels.   See below info:

Pay toll using the LINKT app

Use the LINKT app on your mobile (cell) phone,  and you can pay the Toll fee automatically from your credit card account.   There is also the option to link a pre-paid balance to your rental vehicle’s registration number.   You can download the LINKT app via this link or direct from the App Store or Google Play.

Sydney Pass for 30 days of toll road usage.

Despite the name, the Sydney Pass can be used up to a 30 day period on toll roads throughout Australia.   You can order it easily online  via  this link, and travel worry-free!

Rental companies with their own toll road payment system

A number of rental companies have their own toll payment system.  It is up to you whether or not you wish to use that system offered.  In our opinion, it is always worth doing so since it is usually user-friendly and they help you set it up.  Once in place you can forget about it and rest assured that all is taken care of.    If we have organised your camper or 4wd camper with our suppliers APOLLO, CHEAPA, HIPPIE or STAR RV then you can use their handy toll payment system (click). volgende betalingssysteem. You can wait with your decision until you collect the vehicle as you will be explained every details at pickup.
Did you book one of the following budget Hitop-campervans through TotallyCampers:  the models CMP, CMJ or CMJJ,   Kiest u voor een van de volgende budget hitopcampers:  CMP, CMJ of CMJJ,  than it is really easy!   your toll has already been pre paid for you as all these vehicles are registered on the toll road system and all toll fees anywhere in Australia are included in your rental.  No worries mate!


Some large rental companies have their own system regarding toll road payments in Australia. Some leave it up to you to organise it after each trip or register with the LINKT app or Sydney Pass.  Check with us or the rental company prior or during pickup of your vehicle.  Without any of these systems, you are required to pay the toll yourself within three days of using a section of a toll road or tunnel in Brisbane, Melbourne or Sydney.  The details and phone numbers are on the blue signs just before and alongside the toll roads.

Above information has been collated by our team with great care.  However, situations and regulations may change over time, especially since the toll roads in Australia are in three different states:  New South Wales, Victoria and Queensland, each with their own system of government, rules and regulations.   We encourage people to always check the current situation on the ground, to avoid problems later on.