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Camping in Australia with a campervan

Hand in hand with renting a motorhome in Australia goes the freedom to find your own spot to make camp. The requirements your camp has to live up to are all yours to decide. For example, choose from the luxury that commercial campgrounds or holiday parks have to offer, or look for nature and enjoy the National Park campsites. Prefer to be completely back to basic? Wild camping is forbidden, but there are many free options that you can use with the right camper. In short, there are plenty of options to enjoy Australia in your own way with your rented camper. We will discuss the various options in more detail and give you a price indication and insight into the facilities that you can expect there. Already looking for nice places to spend the night? Then use the WikiCamps app. Filter with your selected criteria to find the perfect spot.

Commercial campgrounds or holiday parks

The most obvious option for camping in Australia is to use the wide range of commercial campgrounds or holiday parks. These campsites are ideal for families, since there are facilities and activities in abundance. For example, most commercial campgrounds or holiday parks have spacious sanitary facilities and showers, a camping shop, laundry facilities and a communal kitchen. If you are traveling with children, then they will usually be able to enjoy a playground or swimming pool.

There are national, but also local, parks. Campsites with appointed places or where you can choose your own spot on the field. A rate is generally applied for campervans / motorhomes (incl. Two people). In most cases, power is optional. The costs for commercial campgrounds or holiday parks are between AUD 20 and AUD 40 per pitch.

The benefits of commercial campgrounds & holiday parks

  • Many facilities
  • Ideal when traveling with children
  • Scattered throughout the country

The disadvantages of commercial campgrounds & holiday parks

  • Relatively pricey

National Park campsites in Australia

The National Park campsites are a must. These are mostly surrounded by nature (in a National Park) and are often small-scale. Most of the National Park campsites have around ten camping pitches. Although the facilities are less luxurious with a simple toilet, a few picnic tables and a fire pit, the surroundings are impressive.

Please note, in some cases you must book in advance online (on the east coast). In other places (the west coast) payment goes via honesty boxes. A box in which you leave the amount due yourself. The first come, first served principle is applicable in these places. It is therefore possible that the campsite is already full when arriving.
The prices often differ per state, in some cases you pay per person (6 AUD) with a max per family (25 AUD). In other cases, you pay between 10 and 20 AUD per pitch.

The benefits of National Park campsites

  • In the middle of nature
  • Small scale
  • Often the starting point of walking trails

The disadvantages of National Park campsites

  • Minimum facilities
  • Limited number of places
  • Many campsites not possible to reserve
  • Sometimes a National Park pass or a ticket to the park is necessary

Wild camping

Wild camping is unfortunately not permitted. Not even with a self-sufficient camper, although that makes it possible to get the feeling of wild camping. With an app like WikiCamps it is also possible to find free camping spots. The facilities are minimal, but the views are often breathtaking. Pay extra attention that it is actually an official place to camp. This is not checked by WikiCamps.

The benefits of wild camping

  • In the middle of nature
  • Beautiful views
  • Peace and quiet

The disadvantages of wild camping

  • No facilities
  • Double check if it is an official campground

For the ultimate Australia feeling, a combination of the three options above for camping in Australia is probably the best choice. Enjoy some luxury from time to time, also be sure to enjoy the nature and occasionally being free has its charms.

TotallyCampers has wide knowledge with the nicest and most beautiful campsites in Australia. Feel free to ask us for advice on specific places to spend the night. If desired, we can already reserve some campsites for you.